About us

Tunda Clap Gaming Corp is a Gaming, Esports and Media organization developing significant industry assets. TCG’s primary focus is on building revenue generating technologies, rostering top tier Pro Teams, Streamer Team, Tournaments and Media production. Tunda Clap Gaming’s teams has a focus on but not limited to Player Unknowns Battle Grounds (PUBG) a 5 Billion dollar game owned by Bluehole and Tencent.



CEO and Director – Ray Crowley

Ray has a background in Investor Relations, Registered Stock Broker and Investment Banking deals. He founded Investment Research Radio and Kainos Capital Markets strategies. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, innovation, researching trends and connecting. Prior to the investment industry he was a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and is working to apply health and self awareness innovation to this industry. Ray also has a long history in video games and now with thousands of hours in PUBG.



CTO and Director – Michael Vogel

Michael is an electronics and software engineer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of a bitcoin startup Netcoins which went public and was then acquired by Blockchain Intelligence Group. Michael also founded and developed Coinstream a new crypto currency brokerage.


VP Corporate Culture – Mike Nichols

Mike has a background as a professional MVP basketball player in the UK and also
as a professional coach. He founded the NEAT system a
performance psychology and wellbeing solutions for



COO – Brian Wilhite

Brian has a background as a coach in personal training and in media production. One of his passions is gaming and streaming including PUBG where he has logged in many thousands of hours. Brian hosts Phase 10 a PUBG video production where the top tier pro coaches are interviewed regularly often in a group setting.